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Who are we?

Best House Group established in 2014 to be specialized in engineering designs, general contracting, specialized works, interior and exterior finishes (apartments – villas – galleries – cafes – restaurants – shops – malls – clinics).

In Best House Group we strive to provide all services through the latest and best advanced methods that are in line with the future. As we always keen for excellence and dedication to our customers.

We aim to provide creative real estate solutions that meet the needs of customers. Best House Group is proud of the exceptional level of customer satisfaction with the quality that they have obtained in any of the company’s projects. Also, we proud of every team member in our company who realized from the first moment the goals of the company and its philosophy and worked wholeheartedly to implement its future vision to take firm steps towards achieving it on the ground.

Since its inception, Best House has adopted a firm strategy that stems from selecting the finest construction and building materials and adopting the most accurate and rigorous standards in implementation to taking care of the finest details of finishes technically and aesthetically. Which reflects positively in increasing the company investments to meet the needs of a larger segment of the Egyptian market

The best waterproof and thermal insulation company

Best House group is distinguished as one of the best waterproofing and thermal insulation companies in Egypt that provide all quick solutions to solve the problem of water leakage from the ceiling inside the house or factory, as well as the ceilings of bathrooms, kitchens, and various water tanks, whether overhead or floor, swimming pools, factories and malls, and all the different roofs which many people facing as it works on water and heat insulation.

A dedicated team of experts

Best House Group is characterized by having a team that specializes in the field of waterproofing and thermal insulation of surfaces, and it is also distinguished by being one of the companies that provides the lowest costs, providing the finest types of surface insulation materials.

The finest types of waterproofing and thermal insulation

We provide the finest types of waterproofing and thermal insulation, which are important and necessary things for various places such as school roofs, homes, bathrooms, offices, and kitchens. As we are always working to provide all the services and the best that you need in any of the facilities that you are located in.

Providing polyurethane foam & polyurea for thermal insulation

We are also distinguished by the provision of polyurethane foam and polyurea in all its types and preparatory materials for waterproofing for thermal insulation. As we provide different insulation materials for surfaces, as well as negative and positive insulation materials for basements, which last for long periods, most of which reach 25 years guarantee.

The Best Materials & Modern Systems

B.H.G specializes in all types of modern systems using advanced chemicals that are used in Europe & GCC with the availability of distinctive solutions related to heat and water leakage problems (negative or positive)

Specialized Team

Best House Group distinguishes by having a team of experts who are specialized in the field of waterproofing and thermal insulation of different surfaces.

The Best Materials

We present the provision of polyurethane for thermal insulation and polyurea material in all its types and preparatory materials for waterproofing.

Modern Systems

All our modern systems using advanced chemicals that are used in European countries and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

We are proud of our customers

Who Trust Us

We have been fortunate to cooperate with many reputable clients inside & outside Egypt. We are grateful for them. Because of them, we became experts in our field.


We strive to be one of the major companies specialized in design and contracting work, to gain our pioneer position in the international markets and keep offering innovative solutions for various projects.

We are a company that provides design and build services for you from initial drawings to final construction.

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Best House Group is committed to providing a high level of services and products following the best quality standards.
• Best House Group is keen to satisfy its customers.
• Best House Group believes that the work development process of the company is connected closely by the skills and expertise of its human resources.
As the main goal of the company is to keep pace with the era of globalization.

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Best House Group aims to provide dear customers with a variety of insulation services to gain their confidence, meet their needs, and exceed their expectations in providing high levels of quality and performance.